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Qi is the spark of life, the vital energy that when flowing harmoniously has the power to strengthen our body, balance our mind and calm our spirit. At The House of Qi you will find a healing space, a therapy adapted to your needs and a personalised accompaniment so that you can recover your health in its entirety, balancing body, mind and spirit.

My passion is to help improve people's quality of life through the therapies I practice. If you would like to know how I can help you, request a free information session now.



Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it helps the whole body look and feel younger by addressing physical, mental and emotional patterns. It promotes overall health and well-being, slows the ageing process from within, sculpts the face, softens wrinkles and stimulates collagen production.


I regularly organise workshops on cupping, guasha, acupressure, herbal medicine and painless childbirth among others for all those interested in maintaining and promoting their health in a more holistic way. I also offer postgraduate seminars in TCM to acupuncturists, massage therapists and physiotherapists.

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About me

Hello, my name is Reyes, I am the founder of The House of Qi, Healing Arts. In the early 1990's I began my training in natural therapies in London. After receiving a diploma in Zen Shiatsu from the Zen School of Shiatsu, I went to study Chinese medicine at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture where I got a degree in acupuncture. I am a certified Madhyama Yoga Shiksha from the Yoga Institute of Bombay, a certified Yoga Nidra instructor from the The Shala, London. and a certified Zen Counselling therapist from the founding master of this therapy, the Japanese Kenishi Ishimaru. I am also a Doula, and an accredited international teacher with ANAMED International (Action for Natural Medicine).

Over the years, I have had the privilege of studying with great masters such as Kiiko Matsumoto, Stephen Birch, Junko Ida, or Giovanni Maciocia, one of the most respected practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the world.

Since my graduation in 1999, I have been working in different clinics. In London I worked at Farmacia Urban Healing, one of the most prestigious multidisciplinary clinics of the moment. I have also had two private clinics, one in Belgium and one in Spain.

The India Connection

In 2010, while on a trip to India, I was deeply touched by the living conditions of some of the poorer communities. I found my calling to devote my work as a therapist to making health more accessible to the poor and underprivileged through acupuncture and other natural medicines.

In 2011 I went to volunteer with the NGO Barefoot Acupuncturists to the slums of Bombay and Tamil Nadu. Since then, in association with different NGOs, I continue to travel all over India to give courses on acupuncture for pain management.

In 2015 I began a pioneering work on acupuncture for the treatment of pain in patients affected by leprosy that lead to 2016 publication of the Acupuncture manual for the treatment of the secondary effects of Hansen's Disease, edited by Líniazero. Until 2020 I traveled to different hospitals in India specialised in the treatment of leprosy to share and teach this technique and acupuncture protocols to medical staff.

The tribals and Adivasi communities in India have little or no access to medical help. I have travelled through the remotest parts of the country to train and empower Adivasi women, the poorest in India, through natural therapies. I continued this journey of knowledge building with other Adivasi such as the Boro and Garo tribes of Assam, the Bhil and Barela of Madhya Pradesh and the Warli and Katkhari of Maharashtra, among others right upto 2020, the start of the pandemic.

My quest continues as I further develop my knowledge and depth of Traditional Chinese Medicine through postgraduate seminars and active research on acupuncture for the treatment of paraesthesia in leprosy affected patients.

As a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the Guild of Complementary Practitioners and the Pan-European Federation of TCM Societies, I am bound by a strict code of conduct.


  • Rinku S
    God works through his hands.... That's how I felt when I had treatment for my back pain and facial rejuvenation. Dr. Reyes is blessed with the gift of healing. Compassion flows through her hands to the needle and through the needle directly into the body. Reyes thank you for being your passionate and honest self.
    Rinku S
  • Godfrey D'Lima, SJ
    I have known Reyes for more than? years as a committed practitioner who works for health alternatives that are both economical and effective. Her range of therapies encompasses acupressure, acupuncture, medicinal and nutritional plants and herbs. Her health communication is tailored to both the village learner and the medically educated. Reyes' approach to health is based on a profound humanistic premise: that all people have a right to good health and the corollary that it is possible to find health solutions that are accessible and affordable. Reyes has travelled the length and breadth of India teaching village students, nurses and other groups seeking to learn about health beyond expensive drugs and treatments. Reyes is comfortable in the most crowded train carriage, on the public bus, the rough and smooth roads that criss-cross the countryside. She feels at home with all people regardless of language or culture. In a world that is often wounded by racist, nationalist, and communal bigotry, Reyes represents the citizen of a new world where we can be linked to human welfare. I wish him the Power for Good that moves the universe and allows human endeavour to overcome all that thwarts our destinies.
    Godfrey D'Lima, SJ
  • Nathalie C.
    This was the most incredibly healing massage I have ever received.
    Nathalie C.
  • Susana P.
    Thank God for having Reyes in my life. I had a frozen shoulder and he fixed it almost instantly with Dr Tan's acupuncture method.
    Susana P.
  • Joana L.
    Dear Reyes, thank you very much, I feel great after this session!
    Joana L.
  • Jane V.Z.
    If you suffer from hay fever, you have to see Reyes. After a couple of sessions my eyes have stopped itching, and my nose is no longer runny.
    Jane V.Z.
  • Hermanas Canosas. Zaroli
    Dear Reyes, gratitude is the song of a grateful heart. Your presence has been truly inspiring. Reyes you are an exceptional teacher, one who inspires your students to do their best. It is your spirit of love, kindness and gentleness that has always motivated us to go the extra mile. You care for each one of us and each person you have treated. You remind us of the love of Jesus for each person you healed.  We pray for you and wish the best for your mission to spread acupuncture to live a natural and healthy life. Thank you and God bless you.
    Hermanas Canosas. Zaroli
  • Manuben
    I am a health worker in my village. For the last two years I have received courses in cupping therapy, massage and nutrition with Mrs. Reyes. Patients come from near and far for treatment. I only ask for 50 rupees for three days of cupping therapy, but many of them give me much more because they are so happy with the treatment. Practising these therapies brings me a little more income. I am happy that I have learnt all these methods and I do them with all my heart.
  • Mathew Abraham
    We hereby express our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Reyes for conducting the course on acupuncture, cupping, guasha, massage, nutrition and women's health to 50 sister-nurses of our member institutions. The topics she covered under the above domains and the practical sessions with the same are very useful for the trainees in providing health care to the marginalised and most vulnerable patients. Not only that these methods are close to nature, and do not have any side effects, but they will also help families to reduce health costs. I take the opportunity to pass on the appreciation of the students, especially the methods you use for teaching, the subjects are very effective, as well as your acupuncture manual. We will be grateful if you could also train our sister-nurses in the next courses.
    Mathew Abraham
    Director de la Asociación Católica de Salud de la India CHAI
  • Sanawad
    Dear Mrs. Reyes, we are very grateful to have you here, you have taught us many new therapies such as acupuncture, cupping and scraping therapy which are very effective and inspiring. We thank her for her valuable time and for training us with such dedication. These therapies will be remembered and practised on our patients. We know that your teachings will bring a great change to our centre.  San Jose Leprosy Centre.
  • Hospital B.C.M, Khairabad
    Dear Ms. Reyes, we are grateful to you for accepting our invitation and generously sharing with us your vast knowledge of acupuncture and other healing therapies. We did not know that leprosy patients could be treated with acupuncture. We have been on this mission for many years and it is new for us to see how our patients are improving. We are very impressed with this therapy because it is less expensive, less time consuming, has no side effects and patients are reporting immediate relief. Your efforts and enthusiasm to find new ways and means for leprosy affected patients and your interest and commitment to teach many of us in different parts of the country is really commendable and a great motivation for us to continue with this great therapy. During our practical sessions we have seen that our patients are improving from their depressive mood as well as pain, tingling, burning sensation, anaesthesia, correction of their deformities and improvement in functional activity and heaviness of their limbs after this acupuncture treatment. Yes, you are a great teacher. With your continuous effort and tireless dedication to each one of us, you have made us self-reliant and confident in the practice of this therapy. May God bless your life and your voluntary service and we pray that many more patients will benefit from this treatment.
    Hospital B.C.M, Khairabad
  • Servicio Social Diocesano del Noreste (NEDSSS)
    We invited Mrs. Reyes to conduct a training course for our sister nurses, health workers and Ashas. Her approach to the trainees was gentle, purposeful and confident. The course subjects were relevant and the methods easy to apply to the trainees' areas of work. We can firmly say that Ms. Reyes is an excellent teacher and doctor, and we appreciate her efficiency in imparting her knowledge, demonstrating practically and giving individual attention to each trainee. Ms. Reyes is a person who can adapt and adjust to any situation. We are touched by her commitment and dedication in rendering her valuable service to the people of India, especially the poor and sick.
    Servicio Social Diocesano del Noreste (NEDSSS)
  • Satya P.
    I am 26 years old. I am a patient affected by leprosy. When I came to the clinic to receive treatment from Ms. Reyes I was suffering from claw hand, burning and tingling sensation in my right hand. After five days of acupuncture treatment my hand is straighter and the burning and tingling sensation has disappeared.
    Satya P.
  • María Rose
    He was suffering from severe pain in his legs for the last three months. I had numbness and weakness in both legs and also lack of balance. I felt helpless. My sister took me to see Mrs. Reyes. After eight sessions I am able to walk alone, even long distances.
    María Rose
  • Sr. Prabha
    I thank God for Mrs. Reyes that through her I am back in good health. For the last two years I could not get up and walk because of severe lower back pain. After one week of acupuncture treatment I am able to move and walk on my own.
    Sr. Prabha
  • Mitali C.
    Incredible' is how I would describe my healing journey with Reyes; the difference in me today is like night and day.  Reyes is an honest and compassionate practitioner, the ever consummate professional and the indomitable optimist, who brings her authentic presence and joyful warmth to the treatment. I have known many practitioners before, who began to blame me for my ailments and therefore each failed treatment only accentuated my guilt and sense of failure. Therefore, meeting this modest woman who committed herself in advance to remove pain from my life, made me start on a note of scepticism.... However, when I came out of the first session I was amazed with the results; for the first time in years, my back and leg pain didn't need a prop! It has been a steady recovery ever since and rather than curing physical pain or depression, the sessions seem to have restored my confidence and enthusiasm for life. Kings thank you so much for bringing me out of the darkness of constant physical pain and bringing hope and joy back into my life!  Your compassion, intuition and impressive mastery of acupuncture techniques have been my magic resource for a positive outcome. I don't know if it was luck or providence that brought you into my life, but I am certain that your intervention has brought back the courage and aspiration to live a healthy, productive and pain-free life.
    Mitali C.

Frequently asked questions

I try to answer some of your questions about Natural Chinese Medicine and how I perform the therapies. If after reading this section, you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to answer them.

1How long does the session last?
It depends on the treatment. For example, in the initial acupuncture consultation I will spend around 90 minutes looking at your current and general state of health, this allows me to make a diagnosis based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Subsequent treatments last around 40 minutes. However, in Yoga Nidra, I have sessions of 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour. Zen Counselling sessions usually last 1 hour.
2How many sessions will I need?
It depends on the therapy. In acupuncture, treatment usually consists of six to ten sessions. The effects may be noticeable after the first or second session. After treatment, I may recommend ocasional maintenance sesions In Yoga Nidra or Zen Counselling the number of sessions varies, once you tell me what you want to work on, I will be able to give you a more specific answer. Remember that you can request a first informative session totally free of charge, without obligation.
3What is the difference between Zen Counselling and Western psychotherapy?
In Zen Counselling you will be accompanied to find your own answers.
4What is cosmetic acupuncture?
It consists of inserting extremely fine needles into specific areas of the face, ears, neck, hands, legs and feet, followed by cupping, gua sha and massage, neck, hands, legs and feet, followed by cupping, gua sha and intra-oral massage. and intra-oral massage.